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Our Strengths

We are a young and creative company
and we offer you fresh business ideas.

Best Minds

We have hired expert minds and have crafted an ideal work culture as we envision building strong operational models, maneuver your systems and processes to align them with business growth, enhancing customer relationships, and synchronizing them with best-available technologies.

Premium value adds

Our niche testing and consultancy services are a cut above the peers in proactive prognosis, diagnosis and solutions delivery, ensuring privacy, positive outcomes, and benchmark frameworks

Diverse and deep

We have successfully woven multiple offerings and crafted a comprehensive brand that is identified with quality, reliability, and consistency, from IT solutions to project management, staff augmentation to design services. At Akronsol, we believe that the interrelations and correlations of various streams offer distinct opportunities to transform into one-stop solutions destination, where are an extended arm of your business and charter bonds to deliver the best

Domain expertise with empathy

Akronsol firmly believes that the most effective solutions come from knowledge, empathy and analysis where we step into the client’s shoe and design solutions accordingly, wary of ground realities, operational challenges, cost factor and timelines. Thus, experts at Akronsol are game for updating their terrain knowledge consistently and support client’s endeavour effectively.

Technological prowess

Akronsol unfailingly adopts technological innovations and interventions and extends their advantage for the client to leverage. With complex enterprise application, architecture and testing obligations filling our diaries, besides the conventional software services, we take it as a paramount need to identify the best technological platforms that seamlessly integrate processes, and arrive at cost-efficient operational models, saving time and cost

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Phone : +91-8522862397
Email : info@akronsol.com

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